About My Work
When it comes to design, my philosophy is simple.. Keep it simple! At the end of the day, your customer does not want to look at an uncoherent, messy or overcluttered piece of artwork in the way of a flyer, advert or layout.

I prefer to stick to showing the customer what they need to see and cut out the rest! This doesnt mean my designs are lacking however, it just means they are more developed in the areas that matter and have a greater focus!

As you can see from my portfolio, I like to experiment with my designs. Whether I use strong dark lines to break up the shapes, contrasting / vibrant colours or symbolism and logos, there is always an emphesis on boldness.

When it comes to advertising a product, whether it is a mailing list design for a large comercial website, handing out flyers on the street or trying to promote your small independant band, first impressions are important!

The first 5 seconds are crucial. Will it stand out? Is there enough information? Does it intice the customer to buy the product or find out more? With my artwork I strive to help make that bold first impression to captivate the customer!

Full relaunch design for 3000rpm.com
Posters & Flyers / Mailing list design /
Product Adverts / Web Design
3000rpm.com, 21st June

Ebay Layout & Product Branding
Icon Design / Ebay Listing Design
JPS Trade, 14th June



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