Who I Am
My name is Jay and I am a freelance graphics designer based in Dundee, Scotland.

Only recently have I had the time and resources to fully offer my services to everybody who requires them however I have been designing artwork for close to 5 years, initially creating logos and banners.

Since then I have greatly expanded my toolset to cover product marketing in the way of flyers/logos as well as full website and mailing list layouts.

I believe less is more. WIth a strong, bold design, a customer/client is much more likely to be interested in what you have to show rather than having to cut through the nonsense.

"Excelent service from someone who knows what they are doing. Communication was important and I was not disapointed!"
Dale, Owner @ 3000rpm.com

Using my experience in graphics design as well as the ablitlity to listen to the client and focus their needs, I can provide unmatched, customised solutions.

Below are just some of the services I have to offer. For more services check out the services link above or email me for any other queries.

Professional Signage
High quality signage of any size, custom taylored to the clients/business' specification.
Logo Design
Unique, bold logo designs to establish a strong brand in a crowded marketplace.
CD/DVD Artwork

Custom artwork or branding for either the surface of the disc or associated packaging.
Poster/Flyer Design
Bold, no nonsense poster/flyer designs to cut out the confusion and convey what is important.
Website Design
Vector based web design ranging from high quality buttons and banners to full layouts and icons.

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  Open For Business
I have generated designs for many clients in the past including band covers, web design and leaflet/poster design.

At the moment I produce artwork for two major clients. Both clients require web design in the form of artwork, buttons, banners as well as physical artwork in the way of posters, flyers and business cards.

Both clients have increased there revenue partly due to my work, increasing the customers trust in the company due to the companies professional look and feel.

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